How to have a consumer satisfaction with the packaging design

    Product packaging has multiple functions, can protect the goods from damage, can convey the information of goods, easy to transport, a packaging design effect, the desire to buy a great impact on consumers, imagine if a product packaging design too Bland, resulting in consumers inadvertently understand the value of the actual commodity, the sale of goods, there is a great impact. Therefore, how to design the product packaging to ensure that the value of the product can be reflected most vividly, the combination of the product itself and the art of packaging is an important aspect.

    The packaging of goods should have the characteristics of recognition, readability, and obvious mark, and the important elements of product packaging are shape, composition and so on. How to design a good product packaging.


    Composition design

    The image is always the design of the soul, no image design is often missing some things, and composition is to be in the product packaging will be trademarks, images, text, etc. after a certain group to form a complete and harmonious picture. Product packaging design, including trademarks, graphics, text and so on.


    The first is the trademark design. Trademark is a commodity identification symbol, the trademark is a symbol, is the reaction of enterprise information, a symbol of goods. Trademarks are generally a streamlined process of content, a generalization of business and products. In a relatively small space in the enterprise information, product information to show. Trademarks generally have several forms, namely, text form, image form, text and image combination form. A successful trademark design should be combined with creativity. Creativity is a comprehensive sense, in the conduct of trademark design, the need for designers according to the corporate culture, product features, to determine the form and content of the trademark in order to give a refreshing feeling.


    Followed by graphic design. Product packaging graphics mainly refers to the image of the product and the image of the auxiliary product image. Image is an indispensable part of the product packaging, many products are the image of the product itself is a reflection of the form. An image is an important way to present a visual image of a product to a consumer, especially in image design. Product packaging on the design of the image to include the shape of goods, color, name and other elements, but also to a variety of elements of a coordinated integration to achieve the best results.


    2 text design

    Text is to convey ideas and information an important way in the packaging of goods mainly on the name, description of the text, advertising text, manufacturers and other information in the product packaging design must be a variety of text information as a whole consider. In the text design, we should pay attention to several issues. First, the text of the content to be simple, vivid, easy to read easy to remember. Second, the design of the font, the font to a large extent can reflect the characteristics of the product, nature, etc., and also easy to make the beauty of the product packaging extra points. Finally, the arrangement of the text should be coordinated with the overall design style of the package.


    3 color design

    Color configuration should be based on people's color association and habits as a basis for today's packaging design, more and more is the color of the packaging and more exaggerated an art, of course, the color of the product packaging is also subject to packaging technology , Materials and other restrictions.

    Color in any one design are occupying a very important position, because the color is to mobilize people's important aspects of visual positivity, color is landscaping, whether to highlight the product, determine the effect of product packaging design. The color of the packaging should be closely linked to the composition and design of the entire package, requiring uniformity.


    Product packaging color has a basic requirement is to eye-catching, relatively strong contrast, in order to attract the attention of consumers, improve competitiveness, to help promote the product. Of course, different types of products, packaging color is not the same. For example, the color of food packaging is generally very rich, and is mainly in warm colors, mainly to highlight the characteristics of food. And pharmaceutical packaging color is relatively simple, and mostly cool colors, and more, as in the packaging of cosmetics, the color is generally more soft in the middle of the tone, not too dazzling will not be too low-key. Therefore, the design of packaging color, a primary factor is to consider the characteristics of the product, according to the characteristics of the product for color selection. Different product characteristics and attributes are not the same, the designer also according to the habits of consumers to choose color, and also take into account the current mainstream of the mainstream color selection trends, such as according to this year's popular color packaging design, According to the trend of color selection at home and abroad, are an important way to enhance the sense of packaging hierarchy.


    4 product packaging shape design

    Shape is the shape of the packaging to the people feel, including the size of the packaging, size, shape and so on. Generally we see the daily life of the packaging form are commonly used in the form of abstract form of less. Constitute a packaging shape of the important factors is the form, the form is formed by the dotted line, a product packaging generally have several types of packaging, that is, cylindrical, rectangular, cone, etc., the product packaging is novel, The visual guidance has a great effect, generally more peculiar packaging form, often can attract the attention of consumers, but in the design can not be too much to pursue exaggeration and innovation, too abstract concept of the packaging shape but easy to give consumers bad Feel, thus affecting the product sales. Packaging design, should be combined with the habits of consumers to innovate, add some new elements can be.

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