How To Make A High-end Gift Box?

What is a high-end gift box? Compared to the many gift packaging you have seen before, there is a different standard for high-end gift boxes. High-end gift boxes have very strict details and high design standards. Generally, companies and luxury goods industries use this type of packaging the most. Their plan is to make their products more branded, so why branding What? Because of the changes in our current consumption habits, we pay more attention to the brand of the same product.

So how to customize the high-end gift box? Here let Bilot Packaging tell you some points:

1. The color of the gift box

Attractive gift box packaging design starts with the right color choice. The human eye is particularly sensitive to the subtle effects of color. It usually takes only 2-3 seconds for the consumer to stay on the gaze of the product. Whether it can catch the eyeball of the consumer plays a big role.

2. Gift box printing process

Four-color printing is one of the types of printing, which uses yellow, magenta, cyan and black for color printing. You can customize popular colors and gradient colors through four-color printing.

Spot color printing uses inks other than yellow, magenta, cyan and black four-color inks to replicate the colors of the original manuscript. Spot color printing is brighter than four-color printers. There are many spot colors. You can generally refer to the Pantone color card. .

In addition to the printing process, the logo and design elements of gift box packaging generally use UV, hot stamping, gluing, embossing, silk printing, electroplating and other processes. As a custom manufacturer of packaging boxes, we need to know how to use these wisely Craft.

3. Gift box selection

The outer packaging of the gift box directly touches the consumer. The correct selection of materials can make the product icing on the cake and increase the performance of the packaging box. On the contrary, the wrong selection of materials will bring low-cost effects to the product.

4. The tactile sensation on the surface of the gift box

When consumers make purchasing decisions, one of the ways to make your luxury products stand out is to make the packaging feel luxurious. Tactility is one of the secrets of attracting customers, and these can be reflected in the selection of luxury packaging boxes and some packaging techniques.

5. Product quality

This is the most important thing. Even if you are doing well in the previous points, but the quality is not up to standard, everything is empty talk. The quality of gift boxes is the core of a packaging box manufacturer, and it is also the long-term capital and foundation of the manufacturer.

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