How To Finish a Paper Bag

Do you know how does a paper bag come out? There are about 8 steps to finish a paper bag.

1. First of all, we should make a design for the paper bag we want, a paper bag design including the size, printing pattern, printing process, etc. After we check all the details for a paper bag and make it on the design layout, then we can go next step;

2. After the design of a paper bag, we have to calculate how to make it in a piece of paper is most cost-effective. According to the actual size of the paper bag, we will choose to cut the paper in folio, quarto, or even smaller;

3. After accurate calculation, we will start printing;

4. Usually we need to do lamination on the printed paper, normally it’s matt lamination and gloss lamination;

5. If a paper bag need to do some special process like embossing, debossing, hot foil stamping, we will start doing it in this step;

6. Then we will cut the paper bag as the designed cutting die line and make some press;

7. Here we almost come to the final step, it’s time to past the paper bag, sometimes it’s manual work, sometimes it’s machine work. It depends.

8. After the pasting work, we will make the handle, at this step, a paper bag is basically completed.

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